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“Annette worked with me in a “boot camp” program as trainer. She was professional, worked me hard enough to get results, and made it fun, too. She is very personable, great to work with, very knowledgeable, organizes time and activities well, kept it fast paced, and showed in-depth understanding of the program. She is a great motivator. I recommend her as a physical fitness trainer, and would repeat her course . . . . .”  - Jack P.

"I am training for my first marathon, and my friend . . . . . referred me to your class. I started out the first day unsure of my abilities. (A 2 minute wall sit, NO WAY!!)  Each class I left stronger and more confident.  Not only did I get some excellent workouts, but I also learned some valuable stretching techniques, new exercises and a sense of accomplishment.  I know I am better prepared for the upcoming marathon because of your class.  I noticed a definite change in the muscle in my legs, improved cardio, and even an improvement to my core muscles.  I look forward to another class in the future.  And yes, I did complete a 2 minute wall sit on the last day.  Woo hoo!   Thank you for your time and expertise."   -Gini S.                             

"I really feel like Annette listened to me, that we worked together on my goals. She was constantly listening to me and adjusting my program to meet my individual needs. Thanks to her I went from being a non-runner to being able to complete an 8K!"  -Nicki S.

"Working with Annette made me focus and work on those areas that I don't get to when I am at the gym by myself. She pushed me to keep improving and working hard. By the end of our time I showed improvement in my goal areas of stamina and strength."  -Sandy K.


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