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Designed to Move . . .

    Your Body was Designed to Move!


What's keeping you from your health and fitness goals?

 Chronic Pain ~ Surgery ~ Arthritis ~ Tendonitis

Recurring Injury ~ Plantar Fascitis ~ Muscular Imbalances


The ADAPT Muscular Re-Education system is designed to identify specific areas of limitation within the body.  This highly personalized training will re-educate the entire muscular system, improving the relationships between the muscles to keep joints in ideal condition.  Muscular Re-Education will work with your conditions, helping you overcome limitations you may have experienced with your workouts/activities in the past.  This commitment can compliment other forms of training, allowing your body to be more efficient, train safely, and produce better results.

 Don't buy into the idea that "You can't!"

Get rid of those limitations!

Your body was designed to move.

You CAN get moving again with

Muscular Re-Education!


 Linda's story:  "A year ago I developed pain in both shoulders.  I had trouble putting on my coat and getting dressed.  It was painful to drive and even push a shopping cart.  I went to the doctor and  first they tried cortisone shots, then physical therapy.  Two months later - no improvement.  I went to a physiatrist who said I needed to improve my posture and develop the muscles in my upper back.  Then I started the Muscular Re-Education program at The Fitness Studio.  In just two weeks I could put my coat on with no pain!  I was amazed at how quickly I improved.  By the end of the program, I was doing push-ups!  I've never been able to do those. I have also noticed that it improved my running form.  Annette is a true professional and this program works!" 

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