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Women Only

Whether you are a beginning exerciser, wanting to get back into shape, or just needing to add some structure and focus to your current activities, this class is for you. This class just for the ladies focuses on building strength with a mix of cardio to prevent muscle and bone loss, improve strength and function, and help promote weight loss. 

Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00-5:50 PM

  Drop-In $12

  8 Classes $82

  12 Classes $115

35 Minute Interval

No time to workout? This 35 minute class eliminates that excuse! This class uses an interval format also known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) focusing on body weight exercises making it an intense cardio-strength combination. Interval workouts help build muscle, increase endurance, and burn fat. This class is designed for intermediate and advanced levels.

Mondays 5:55-6:30 PM 

  Drop-In $8

  5 Classes $40

  10 Classes $75

35 Minute Strength

This full body strength workout allows you to workout at your own pace and level in just 35 minutes. This class will use weights, TRX, medicine balls, body weight, and many other forms of resistance to help build strength. Strength workouts help increase muscle to burn fat more effectively, improve balance, increase bone density, make daily activities easier, and help improve overall health. This class is designed for both beginning and advanced levels.

Wednesdays 5:55-6:30 PM

  Drop-In $8

  5 Classes $40

  10 Classes $75

Range of Motion (ROM)

This dynamic stretching class combines elements of yoga, pilates, and traditional stretching. Your body will be taken through a specific progression of exercises designed to maximize range of motion while introducing muscular stability and endurance into every joint. While challenging, this class is a favorite at The Fitness Studio because of how amazing your body feels and performs afterwards. 

Thursdays 6:00-6:50 PM

  Drop-In $12

  8 Classes $82

  12 Classes $115


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